Evil Thoughts

by Vocífera

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Michael Meow
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Michael Meow Agree with Scumbag. Vocals take a bit of getting used to but be patient you'll be rewarded. Remember Kittie? These ladies kick Kitties ass to hell and back.
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Scumbag Admittedly I was a little iffy on the vocals initially, but the music is so riveting I couldn't help myself from listening! By the end of the album I'd not only warmed to the vocals - I've come to think they're brilliant and complement the songs really well! Favorite track: In The End Of Times.
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Evil Thoughts é o primeiro full-lenght da Vocífera e chega carregado de peso e riifs esmagadores, que evidenciam a evolução da banda. Com um som destruidor, que passeia pelas várias escolas do metal com nítidas influências de Death e Thrash, o álbum tem um tom conceitual, abordando nas letras os medos e desejos obscuros do ser humano e crítica ao mundo atual, Evil Thoughts é um soco na cara.

Todas as músicas foram escritas e compostas pela Vocífera.
Evil Thoughts is the first full-length of Vocifera and comes with weight and overwhelming riffs, which show the evolution of the band. With a destructive sound, it have a clear influence from Death and Thrash Metal. This is a conceptual album, the letters talk about fears and darkest desires of the human being and a critical to today's world. Evil Thoughts is a punch in the face.

All songs are written and created by Vocífera


released March 15, 2016




all rights reserved


Vocifera Brazil

Fury, begins by the name. Vocifera comes from “Vociferate”- scream, exclaim.
And all this rage becomes a heavy and aggressive sound that give rise to this metal band formed in 2011 in Recife / BRAZIL.

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Track Name: The Agony
The Agony

You want a paradise and I the agony
How much suffering you still have to try to believe
That this is all a fairy tale?
How many people still have to bleed for you
To feel that blood is real?

Despair, crying, anger are all we have
Swallow a placebo to calm and follow
Their march for no reason

You want a blue sky and I an army of black crows
How many tears does it takes to sour your sleep
For you realize that our night will never end?
You want to breed pure feelings
But your demons paints everything black inside you
How many lies will you still tell to deform your fucking life?
Track Name: Sadism

I told you my surprises are strange
painful, unique and exciting
I told you my way to feel pleasure, it’s peculiar
I want you screaming for mercy
And feel the blood draining slowly
I like to see how much it can spot all around
Don’t be afraid
I won’t kill you, not yet
I told you that I like shouting and marks
Fear in the eyes of others
Then, chains and whip
I like the sound of broken ribs
Feel your vibrant pulse, see your glazed eyes
Fear in the air

Didn't you perceived yet?
This is all a game and you are my toy
You can scream nobody hears us here
Don’t expect you to understand, just obey my orders
nobody hears us
Track Name: Mad Bastards
Mad Bastards

The years that passed by left marks and deep scars
Childhood fears and traumas that no psychiatrist was able to remove
Scars, gangrene, that never heal
A fucking smiling booted of my face

A Childhood destroyed by drugs and prostitution
A home in disunity, the cold that reached
the spine of the girl over in the street
Pleasure exchanged for cash
Cash exchanged for more drugs
Drugs disfigured this tortured mind

An uncertain future, sorrow and pain
Treading the labyrinth of darkness
She was guided by her own hands
But induced by the darkness of solitude

Tears of blood pouring from her face
Once so naïve, abused by life
Raped by the time, tortured by fate
Killed by depression

Then what to expect from a mad bastards
So much profanity, without self esteem
Succumbing in no solution
Track Name: Sabbath

Among the nocturnal shades, in the forest most remote
Few minutes before the moon rises
They gather in secret meet
Celebrations and rituals at the shorter solstice night
Unexpected ways in a comfortable Sabbath
Life performing in movement, adaptation and redemption
For the man who made philosophy, unexpected ways
The witch's doctrine fits everyone
Sublime hopes and consolations

The first one knew, seeking the reasons
Reason of the reasons, cause of the causes

Seeing the good and evil in world
Observing the shade and the light
Comparing winter to spring, youth, life and death
To one who questions the veracity here imposed
Thus realizing any exposed dogma or against it

Over them descends a veil of legends and mysteries
Dressed by megalomania
Leading before everything meets again and closes the circle
celebrated by roots and occult
Which will represent genesis source and continuity
Track Name: All Pain
All Pain

I can give you world's pain
I can destroy your ego and your soul
I can give you the pleasure of the wicked
I can deceive you with a stare and kill you

I can give you world's pain
make you believe in lies
I can guide you to a path of no return
and make you forget what happiness is
I can make you lose everything, even your dignity

I can give you world's pain
Can feed in immense agony
I can muffle any cries for help
Destroy your mind and incite your suicide

I can even stop your pain with a smile
But it would not be fair
You deserve everything I can give you
All the world’s pain
Track Name: In The End Of Times
In The End Of Times

Bloody wars
Fear and pain

Carnage, dopamine
I see girls murderer for pleasure
Delivering the very souls
Of their offspring before birth

Father’s daughters pregnant
Children killing parents for money
The world turn to chaos

An even more powerful nuke it’s engaged
What’s to come will be the great devastation

Track Name: Trapped

In any afternoon, on the same place
It becomes, terrifying, stronger than me
My body doesn't respond to impulses
A deep and uncontrollable sleep
Drags me to a nightmare

A dense and tempting feeling
Flat on me and play with my mind
My sweat runs through my neck with the certainty
That in any night, he will return
Bringing the same nightmare and agony

Trapped by myself I wanna open my eyes, but I'm paralyzed
A higher force immobilizes me
Why is so hard to wake up?
Caught in a nightmare

My eyes are heavy and my body static
I fight with all my strengths
If I turn myself in, can I turn back?
In dreams or reality, fear consumes me
In this frightening night, trapped in myself
Track Name: All Evil For Your Majesty
All Evil For Your Majesty

Majesty I wish you illness and pain
'Cause you destroy us every day
Feeling pleased with our agony
Drinking our blood and stealing our souls

Your ambition has no end tells lies
Numbs a lethargic and ignorant crowd
Fueled by your sordid and decadent order
Financing your filthy scum and your rot

Your majesty, your days of glory will end
Your head will be hung as a prize
Your fall is our triumph and pleasure
Your punishment will be the best example to fear

We live in a widespread pandemonium with no end
Permanent torture for your endless pleasure
You torture and kill us slowly
Grow within us hate and a lovely revenge
Track Name: Corruption (EP 2012 - Bonus track)

Justice is not fair only stupid guys on ties
Contested thieves robbing in the courthouses
Millionaires deals, tributary debts
Overbilling in the government

Bribery, extortion
Parenthood, peculation

Physiologist parties the power tends to corrupt
Taking personal advantage omitting the right to watch
Procrastinating for indeterminate time
Leaving the assistance attribution to the cause

White collar crime
Preventing economic development
proposing bribes gifts, reducing costs
inflicting illicit favors
Track Name: Hypocrisy (EP 2012 - Bonus track)

In this world of hypocrisy
It’s forbidden to tell the truth
The men should be what they seem
or just seem what doesn't

My eyes are closed for world
I don't wanna see the falsity
And hypocrisy in people's eyes
Tired of people like you
I perceive this assembled world

The falsity in your soul penetrates quickly
Everything just happens. Hypocrite
It appears indecently in front of us

What is the truth or fraud?
Who know who’s pretending
Smiles filled with lies
words without no truth

In this world of hypocrisy
Even with some irony
We live in uncertainty
In complete reveries